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I'll nose grind your box if you lipslide my rail

A place for snowboarding and skateboarding

You got steeze, big son?
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We just want to shred, dude.

1. Be nice. You're a big kid now, so act like one.
2. No hate speech. Words like gay, faggot, bitch, and pussy aren't welcome here. If you think it might offend someone, don't say it.
3. No hating on riders or skaters you don't like. They're out there riding and that's good enough for us. Ryan Sheckler is an exception to this rule.
4. This is a female positive space. This comm is run by a woman and it's full of other women. We don't need anyone mansplaining the sports to us. We got here on our own. It's okay to be helpful, but it's not okay to be condescending.
5. Tag your posts and make sure to put all NSFW material behind an lj-cut. Put large pictures, and if you're posting more than one pic or video, behind a cut as well. It's just nice. Be nice.

Keep our beaches and hills clean and support your local park. Be excellent to each other.